Before you book

    What COVID-19 precautions are enforced ?

    We take passenger health and safety seriously. At present we intend the following policy to be enforced: The interior of our vehicles will be fully sanitised before and after every transfer using anti-bacterial wipes stated as 99.9% effective against germs and bacteria. Our driver will wear an approved face mask during the transfer. Anti-bacterial liquid/gel will be available and all passengers will be requested to use the hand sanitiser before entering the vehicle. We will limit passenger numbers to a maximum of 5 passenger per transfer. We reserve the right not to accept/transport any passenger who appears to have symptoms associated with the COVID-19 virus.

    How many bags or pieces of luggage can we take?

    Our travel policy is based upon ONE standard full size suitcase and ONE standard hand luggage per person (or one boot bag). That would be a MAXIMUM total of FIVE suitcases + FIVE hand luggage (or five boot bags). We can carry additional ski equipment, either standard ski bags up to a maximum length of 1.8m (maximum of 4 standard single ski bags or two double ski bags); or standard snowboard bags maximum length 1.6m (maximum of 3 snowboard bags); or two standard ski bags + two standard snowboard bags. Additional luggage must be declared at time of booking or else we cannot guarrantee transport of all your luggage.  All additional ski equipment type luggage will usually be transported on the exterior tow hitch rack system (in waterproof container) or trailer.  If declared at the time of booking, we can carry up to an excess of THREE suitcases in addition to the maximum FIVE pieces of luggage using our custom exterior rack and waterproof bag system (Please note ski equipment cannot be carried when three extra suitcases are requested).

    We reserve the right to refuse carriage of any luggage in excess of that described above if not declared at the time of booking and/or impose an additional fee for excess luggage we do manage to transport.

    How many passengers can you take per vehicle?

    As we provide a luxury travel service, to ensure maximum comfort we recommend a maximum of five adults or four adults and two small children or three adults and three small children.  Generally we recommend a maximum of five passengers to ensure a truly comfortable travel experience.

    How do I make a booking on your website?

    Simply click on the ‘make a booking button or ‘request a quote’ tab at the top of the home page.  Then follow the instructions to complete the booking form details, click ‘request a quote’ button and this will generate the request. This will then create a booking request on our system and also provide you with an email confirmation the booking request. We will then send you the quote for your chosen transfer based upon the information given together with a payment link for you to pay for the transfer by credit card through the secure payment facility.

    What information do I need in order to book?

    You will need the following information available to hand, including your flight(s) details and some personal details;

    Your Name, address and contact details including a valid and operational telephone number and a valid email address

    1. Pick-up location and/or
    2. Arrival airport name for your arrival and pick-up location
    3. Flight number and name of airline
    4. Flight arrival time for pick-up
    5. Arrival terminal number
    6. Drop-off destination address in full
    7. Child seat requirements and age + height of children
    8. Number of ski bags/snowboard bags/boot bags
    9. Number of luggage bags to be transported
    10. Return flight number and name of airline
    11. Return flight departure time for drop-off
    12. Return flight terminal number
    13. Return transfer child seat requirements and age + height of children
    14. Number of ski bags/snowboard bags/boot bags
    15. Any specific requirement details

    Finally you will need you credit card details to make the secure payment for your transfer.

    I cannot find a route I want to book. What to do?

    We simply cannot list every location and ski resort we can transfer to. So if you cannot find either the route, ski resort or pick-up / drop-off location in our menus, then please email or telephone us to discuss your requirements. Email us at info@slopestyletransfers.com requesting clarification as to whether we operate to your desired destination.  In most cases, as we offer a bespoke service, we can accommodate any location or destination in the Savoie or Haute Savoie region or Geneva Canton or further if required.  If necessary even to/from Turin, Milan or the French Riviera ‘Cote d’Azur’.

    How do I pay for my transfer?

    Payment for your transfer(s) is(are) made in full at the time of booking with the confirmation email of payment provided. Payments can be made by credit card through our secure online payment system using the French bank ‘Credit Agricole’ e-commerce secure payment facility.

    Can I book a transfer with more than one stop?

    Yes, you can book a transfer with multiple stops as you require, however this will need to be confirmed at the time of booking using the additional information section provided in our booking system, so that travel arrangements and any additional cost that maybe incurred as a result of a bespoke service, can be assessed.

Before you travel

    What luggage entitlement will I have?

    We consider ski equipment as ‘additional luggage‘ or ‘extra items. We carry ski equipment such as ski bags/snowboard bags and ski boot bags free of charge. The standard terms allow 1 standard size suitcase per person + small hand luggage bag that can easily be retained in the seating area +:

    a maximum of 4 standard single ski bags, + 4 boot bags
    or two double ski bags + 4 boot bags
    or 2 standard snowboard bags + 2 single ski bags + 2 ski boot bags

    Please note that when significant amounts of additional luggage is carried, i.e ski/snowboard equipment, such baggage maybe carried on the exterior of the vehicle on a designated rack or roof mounted stowage.

    Where will I meet the driver when I arrive?

    The SlopeStyle Chauffeur will meet you at the airport arrivals area and be easily identifiable by either a SlopeStyle Transfers name board or an iPad with the client’s name indicated on the screen. For hotel pick-ups the chauffeur will meet you at the hotel reception area. In all cases the chauffeur will be contactable by mobile telephone and sms text message.

    What happens if I can’t locate my driver?

    If you cannot locate your chauffeur then we recommend you call the mobile telephone number we provide you with, as indicated on your transfer confirmation. We also suggest that 30 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time if you have not located the driver then go to the airport information/visitor desk. In most cases our chauffeur will attempt to meet you at the airport information/visitor desk if they have not managed to locate you at the arrivals area. The chauffeur will attempt to contact you by sms text message and telephone voice call to ensure a timely rendezvous.

    My group size has changed, can I still be transferred?

    Yes, provided that we are informed prior to the pick-up as we have to amend the transfers personnel manifest list, and as long as the total passengers do not exceed 6 persons.

    How long will the transfer take?

    The transfer times differ from airport to destination, please see our route guides . the average transfer time for Geneva or Lyon airports to the Savoie ski resorts is approximately 2hrs 45mins.  However transfer times can differ considerably depending on weather conditions and traffic density/congestion and of course peak season or national vacation periods such as school holidays, Christmas (Noel) and New Year periods.