Child Seat Information

Child Seat Information

As a professional business we appreciate the need, and do to take child safety seriously to ensure travel is as safe, comfortable and stress-free as possible for the whole family. Comfort for the children is just as important as for the parents; if the children are comfortable, entertained and happy, that makes for a more enjoyable transfer experience for everyone.

That is why we have invested in the award winning top-of-the-range ISOFIX child seats, such as the RECARO Monza Nova IS (The mark RECARO is synonymous with high quality seating in automotive, aviation and passenger transport worldwide) or CYBEX series (CYBEX German manufacturer of child seats have attained numerous safety awards for their child safety products) all to provide maximum safety and assured comfort for our smaller passengers. 

To keep everyone entertained we provide tablet screen based entertainment for all ages. Complimentary WiFi hotspot for web browsing so our passengers can sit back, relax and have a more enjoyable transfer experience. We also offer a choice of complementary bottle mineral water to keep you refreshed during your journey.

We provide three types of child seat which must be requested at the time of booking using the tick box entry provision:


Rear Facing Baby Seat

  • For babies from birth to 12 months old and weighing up to approx.  13 kg
  • Approved according to the latest European safety standard ECE R44/04.
  • Optimal safety against side impact
  • Extra padding for enhanced comfort
  • 360 degree swivel action for easy assistance to your baby


Front Facing Child Seat With ISOFIX and Integrated audio speakers

  • For infants from 9 months to 12 years old and weighing approx. 9 – 36kg to height of 135cm.
  • Approved and conforms to the latest European safety standard ECE R44/04
  • Side Protection System offers the best possible protection
  • Integrated speakers in the head rest to provide discrete sound for music or watching a movie.
  • High seating position offers a much better view for the little travellers especially for when travelling through the mountains to enjoy the scenery.

Booster Seats

  • For children up to 12
  • As an alternative for taller children who’s parents feel their child is a little too large for a full size child seat. Approved and conforms to the latest European safety standard ECE R44/04.The booster seats available are of a high quality since we view the safety of our passengers to be a priority. We would prefer to know in advance if you will definitely be requiring a booster seat for our planning purposes.
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