Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions of Business and Transport Services are deemed as being accepted by you, the “Client”, upon making and paying for your transfer booking.

SlopeStyle Transfers’ is the trading name of SlopeStyle Transfers SAS,  31 Route du Revard, 73100, MOUXY, France referred to in these terms and conditions as ‘The Company’.

For the purpose of this document the following terms are used and refer to

The “COMPANY” is SlopeStyle Transfers SAS

The “CLIENT” is the person who makes the booking and takes responsibility for all other passengers traveling in their party. They will be the primary contact for all information and matters concerning the reservation. In the event that a third party, for example an accommodation provider or hotel, makes a reservation on your behalf, you will remain the ‘party leader’ with all the responsibilities associated with this status

The “PARTY” is the collective of passengers travelling on the same transfer for whom the “Client” person acts as their agent

TRANSFER” is the provision of transportation or airport transfer service provided to the Client by means of transportation to and from airports, ski resorts or agreed locations by motorised vehicle.

RESORT SERVICES” is the provision of transport services provided to clients travelling to/from ski resorts, to/from train stations, to/from other resorts or regional locations.

HOTEL TRANSFER SERVICES” is the provision of transportation services provided to local hotels/businesses to transport their clients within a specified resort or location.

  1. BOOKING PROCESS is the process of reservation for the provision of transportation service from a defined and agreed location to a defined and agreed destination. Bookings can be made online via our website, by telephone or by email. The booking process requires the full completion of all the transfer request information concerning the Client and their party. The contract for the service will not to be engaged until the receipt of full and final payment as per the term and conditions of payment and the Company has issued an acceptance email and provides a receipt of payment.  Reservations may be made online, by telephone or via email communication. In making a booking the client accepts SlopeStyle Transfers terms and conditions by default and has the legal capacity and authority to accept these terms and conditions on behalf of all persons travelling under that reservation. Bookings cannot be made on arrival at the airport.
  2. The client is responsible for providing accurate contact information, which must include a valid email address and mobile telephone number that they will be contactable on arrival at the pickup location. The mobile phone number provided must be working and switched on at the time of travel. Any failure in services resulting from the Company having incorrect contact information, or the client being uncontactable, will be deemed to be the fault of the client and no compensation will be available. 
  3. The client is responsible for providing the correct flight information, including flight number and local flight times. Our schedules are planned according to the times given during the booking process and we do not verify the accuracy of the information provided. Any loss of service or extra charges incurred by the client as a result of any erroneous information will not be the responsibility of or compensated by the Company. 
  4. The names of each of the passengers travelling must be provided when confirming your transfer. We have the right to refuse to transfer any client whose name is not on the booking confirmation.
  5. In cases where a client reserving an arrival provides the Company with the take-off time NOT the arrival time of their flight, the Company reserve the right to re-schedule an alternative pick-up (if available) and re-charge the client for this. If there is no vehicle available for the rescheduled journey then no liability is accepted by the Company and no refund will be offered to the client.
  6. The client is responsible for providing the correct information concerning drop off and pick-up locations. It is the client’s responsibility to provide an accurate address and carry directions and contact details for the destination location in order to direct the driver if required. If the desired location cannot be found after 20 minutes of driving around the intended destination location, then SlopeStyle Transfers reserves the right to drop the clients at a central location or the Tourist Office in the resort concerned or charge the client accordingly for additional vehicle and driver hire.
  7. The client is responsible for Checking the information on the Booking Form is correct. The Company will accept no liability where incomplete or incorrect information results in delays to the service.
  8. The client is responsible for informing the Company of any changes to their booking details in writing, more conveniently by email sent in a reasonable time prior to the travel date. 
  9. The client is responsible for passing on any information from SlopeStyle Transfers to other passengers on the booking.
  10. A LEGAL CONTRACT will be deemed to exist binding both parties by the terms and conditions for the agreement of service provision, when full payment is received and the provision of email acceptance by both the Company and Client; at this point the Client will be legally bound by our terms and conditions of business and liable for the full payment value.  The Client is deemed the person making the booking and thus shall accept the responsibility as the acting Agent for the provision of information regarding additional persons accompanying them under the contract. In the case where more than one person is to be transported, the Client shall be deemed as acting as the Agent for and on behalf of all members of their party such that they accept the terms and conditions of booking, including required information and payment, on behalf of the each associate member of their party.
  11. PAYMENT is required to be made in full at the time of booking transport services with the Company.
  12. Payment shall be made on booking of the transport service, unless booking is made through one of our affiliated companies in which case the payment terms and conditions of the affiliated company shall apply.
  13. UNPAID BOOKINGS are not confirmed, therefore payment must be received in advance of travel to ensure the booking is valid. 
  14. Payment can be made by – Credit or Debit Card, directly via the website or over the telephone or in emergency cases at the pickup point via our Credit Agricole bank mobile SMART TPE card reader device;  Bank Transfer, which must be received at least 10 days before travel; 
  15. In providing credit/debit card details the client confirms they have authority to use the card and payment may be debited immediately.
  16. The Company does not store client’s card details.
  17. Payment by Credit Card are subject to bank acceptance.
  18. BOOKING CONFIRMATION – subject to availability, the reservation or booking is deemed confirmed only when the client has made the requisite payment in full and receives a confirmation email/travel voucher from the Company. This will usually be issued on the same, or next working day, depending on the time of booking. Please note that out of season our office is closed during weekends and some days during the week due to other business commitments.
  19. Should the booking confirmation not be received, the client must contact the Company to inform and discuss the matter as soon as possible.
  20. The client should check the details on the voucher as soon as they receive confirmation. Please inform us of any errors immediately by email. 
  21. If in the unfortunate and rare case where a booking is made and paid for and there is no availability, the transfer will be cancelled by the company and a full-refund made on the same or next working day, depending on the time of booking. The client will be notified of this cancellation and refund by email.
  22. The Travel Voucher must be either printed and carried by the client or the client must be able to show the email confirmation on their smart phone on the day of travel. This document acts as a ticket and must be presented to the SlopeStyle Transfers chauffeur on request.
  23. Your transfer booking has been made with (SAS) SlopeStyle Transfers, details will be shown on your invoice.
  24. BOOKING AMENDMENTS – Any amendments to reservations must be requested by email and may be subject to a 25€ administration fee.
  25. Where changes result in an increase in the value of the booking, they will only be confirmed on receipt of payment for the additional costs.
  26. Where changes result in a reduction in the price of the booking and the changes are requested at least 14 days before travel a refund will be issued, subject to a 25€ administration fee.
  27. BOOKING CANCELLATION & REFUNDS – The client may request to cancel a booking at any time. Refunds will only be made to the credit card used for payment. Cancellations requested within 24 hours of making a booking will be refunded in full. Cancellations requested at least 21 days before travel will be refunded in full. Any refund, in whole or part for a booking cancelled by the client within 14 days of travel is at the Company’s sole discretion. The Company reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of 30€ to cover administrative costs and bank charges. Should a confirmed booking be cancelled by the Company a full refund or alternative travel option will be offered to the client.  All refunds will be issued in EURO € and the Company will not accept liability for any losses by the client due to exchange rates.
  28. SERVICE AGREEMENT: We agree to provide the service as defined by or terms and conditions. As our transport services are based upon a booking system such that in some cases we may be fully booked, we shall however endeavour to meet our customer requirements by providing transfer service through one of our affiliated partners.  Due to the nature of the business we cannot guarantee we can accommodate all booking enquiries however we do endeavour to meet our customer requirements and our exacting standards of service.
  29. INSURANCE COVER – The Company is insured through the ALLIANZ INSURANCE Group for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity. However the Company does not provide any travel or baggage insurance cover. The Company does not accept any liability for damage to luggage or financial losses caused by cancellations, delays to flights, medical issues or injury, lost or stolen money or personal effects. Therefore the Company strongly advises the client to ensure they have adequate travel insurance to cover against cancellation by you, missed or cancelled flights, delays caused by other public transport, medical assistance & repatriation in the event of illness or injury (including sports cover where applicable), loss of baggage, money and other expenses.
  30. PRIVATE TRANSFERS – The client and party will travel in a private vehicle or vehicles and will not share with other clients.
  31. Arrival at the airport: The client will be met by a SlopeStyle Transfers uniformed chauffeur at the agreed time shown on the booking voucher, in most instances in the arrivals hall at the airport or station or at the reception desk of the hotel or residence. The chauffeur will assist with your baggage and safely stow them on your behalf. The client and party will then be escorted to the transfer vehicle(s) for departure at the earliest possible time.  We strongly recommend that clients take the opportunity to visit the rest room prior to going to the transfer vehicles, because in most cases it will be at least 1 hour before there is an opportunity to stop en route at an establishment with a rest room.
  32. Departure from location: The company will send a confirmation message by SMS the day before, to the telephone number provided on the booking form confirming the pick up time at the scheduled location.
  33. If a client requests a specific pick-up time from resort to the airport, the Company will accommodate if possible, however the Company will not be held responsible or liable for any financial costs incurred from external services (such as flights or trains) being missed. In such cases the chauffeur will request a waiver form for the client to sign before the transfer will be carried out.
  34. If the client is not at the specified pick-up point at the stated time the SlopeStyle Transfers vehicle and chauffeur will wait for a maximum of 15 minutes before departing. If the client does not respond to a text message or telephone call or cannot be contacted, they will be considered a no show the chauffeur will depart, however the client will be liable for the full payment of the transfer service, no refund will be given or liability accepted.
  35. PICK UP LOCATION – At Airports, the client will be met by a SlopeStyle Transfers chauffeur holding an iPad with the Client name displayed on it at the arrivals hall. We advise clients to bring a 2€ or 2CHF coin to use a luggage trolley on arrival at most airports.
  36. DROP OFF or DESTINATION LOCATION  The client is responsible for providing an accurate address, including a post code and carry directions and contact details for the intended destination or accommodation in order to direct the chauffeur if required. If no address is provided and the destination address cannot be found after 20 minutes of driving around the location, then the Company reserves the right to deliver the clients at a central location or in a resort at the Tourist Office or alternatively charge the client accordingly for additional vehicle and time hire.
  37. At car-free resorts Clients will be dropped off and picked up from the Reception Centre on the edge of the resort. Pick-up times supplied by the Company always refer to pick-up from the Reception Centre. It is the responsibility of the client to be at the Reception Centre for this time.
  38. DEPARTURE PICK UP TIMES – The booking voucher will show the scheduled pick up time for the chosen location. The pick up time will normally be set well in advance of flight departure time at the Company’s discretion due to predicted weather and traffic conditions and variations in the schedule.
  39. The client will receive their definitive pick-up time the day before their departure via an SMS message to the mobile telephone number provided during the booking process.
  40. It is the responsibility of the client to contact the Company to obtain their pick-up time confirmation if this SMS has not been received the day before travel. The Company accepts no responsibility for delays where the Client was not ready at the stated time or scheduled location.
  41. The company will make all reasonable efforts to be at the pick up location at the agreed time, but this is not guaranteed. If your chauffeur is more than 10 minutes behind schedule and you have not been contacted, please call the chauffeur on the number provided or call the Company office number immediately.
  42. LUGGAGE ALLOCATION – Passengers are permitted to carry 2 items of luggage per person (one standard-size suitcase or large bag, not exceeding 23kg and one piece of small hand luggage or ski boot bag) Standard ski or snowboard bag luggage (max length 180cm) must be declared at the time of booking.  
  43. We can carry a maximum of either 6 standard size suitcases + 6 boot bags or 4 standard size suitcases + 2 snowboard bags + 2 ski bags + 4 boot bags. The client must advise the Company if their baggage exceeds the stated allowance in sufficient time prior to travel. 
  44. The Company reserves the right to refuse to carry excess luggage that exceeds the stated allowance or that has not been booked for in advance, or has the right to charge an excess luggage fee to cover any additional costs involved to transport the luggage.
  45. The Company will not accept any liability or responsibility for any damage to luggage. The property of the Client and their party is carried at their own risk and no responsibility for any loss or damage will be accepted by the Company. We strongly advise the client to ensure they have adequate insurance cover.
  46. TRAVELLING WITH CHILDREN – The Company operates in accordance with French law. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. They may travel with a pre-booked parent or elected guardian. The conduct and behaviour of any passenger under the age of 18 is the responsibility of accompanying adults where available. European and French law states that all children aged 10 and under or less than 135cm in height are required to use child seats or booster seats. The Company will provide, free of charge, appropriate and compliant seats for children. It is the responsibility of the client to inform the Company via the booking process at the time of booking if any children in their party will require child, infant or booster seats and the number of child/infant seats required. 
  47. We can carry a maximum of three child/infant seats per vehicle.
  48. Any client who requires non-standard equipment for the safe passage of a party member is advised to supply their own equipment or contact the Company in advance to discuss arrangements.
  49. FLIGHT DELAYS, FLIGHT CANCELLATIONS AND RESCHEDULED FLIGHTS – In all cases there Company will try its best to assist the client and to provide the best service possible. The client should inform the Company as soon as they are aware of any delays. As we offer a bespoke service, in most cases providing we are informed in good time, the chauffeur will be instructed to wait for the delayed arrival providing it is no longer than 1 hour. There maybe an additional charge to cover airport parking and chauffeur wages in these circumstances. When flights land later than the scheduled time, our normal waiting rules no longer apply. Passengers may be rescheduled into the next available transfer. This may result in a significant wait on arrival. In some cases, the next available transfer may mean travel the following day or a significant delay waiting for the chauffeur to complete the next scheduled transfer. In which case the client maybe charged an additional fee. Should the client not wish to wait for the next available transfer then they are free to arrange alternative transport as they see fit but no compensation will be payable by the Company. 
  50. If the chauffeur has to wait more than 60 minutes for a client, then a waiting charge of EUROS 25 per hour will be charged to the client to cover additional costs incurred by the Company. A maximum of 2 hours waiting time is allowed before the transfers may be considered as a “no show”, in this case no refund will be given.
  51. If no contact is made with either the chauffeur or the Company within 45 minutes of *actual* landing time, the client will be classed as a ‘no show’ and the chauffeur will be at liberty to leave the airport without the client and the client will be obliged to re-book and pay for a replacement transfer. No refund will be given.
  52. In cases where baggage reclaim causes delays, the client must contact the chauffeur or Company as soon as possible on the numbers provided. In all cases we shall endeavour to accommodate the client in every way we can, however our business is based upon transfer schedules such that we have other clients to serve under the same contract. The delayed passenger(s) may be rescheduled onto the next available transfer at the company’s discretion or a waiting charge applied of EUROS 25 per hour + parking fee.
  53. If on arrival, a flight is delayed by over 2 hours we will class this as a cancelled booking and a new booking will have to be made by the passenger at full charge. Full documentation will be provided on request to aid any insurance claim.
  54. If a flight is diverted, the airline will be obliged to transport the passengers to the scheduled airport and the above clauses apply. However if the client is able to inform the Company in sufficient time, there may be the opportunity to change the transfer pickup location to the other airport.
  55. Where flights are cancelled and as a consequence, the client cancels a transfer less than 20 days before travel, no refund will be given. Full documentation will be provided on request to aid any insurance claim.
  56. OUTSOURCING – The Company reserve the right to outsource/sub-contract bookings to other licensed transport companies to carry out a client’s journey. When travelling with a partner company of SlopeStyle Transfers please be aware that there may be variations in the operating terms and conditions. However we shall ensure that the quality of service and vehicle status is at least equivalent to that of the Company.
  57. DURING YOUR TRANSFER – As we are governed by French law, all passengers are required to wear seat belts in any vehicle(s) operated by SlopeStyle Transfers. It is the responsibility of parents or guardians of any passenger under the age of 16 to ensure that their seat belts are fastened properly and for the whole duration of any journey.
  58. CONSUMPTION OF FOOD AND BEVERAGES – The Company will, as part of the service, provide bottled drinking water and light snacks that maybe consumed during the journey. However to avoid soiling the vehicle interior the Company does not permit the consumption of any other foods or beverages other than that provided. Eating any other types of pre-purchased food or beverages is not permitted in any vehicle operated by the Company. In most cases the journey will allow for a brief stop for clients to visit the rest room at an establishment, there may also be time to take alternative nourishment at a that time, this will be at the discretion of the chauffeur taking into account traffic and road conditions for the continuation of the journey and the next transfer scheduled. If the client soils the vehicle with any food or substance other than that provided by the Company, the client shall be responsible for an immediate charge of EUROS 150€ to cover the cost of cleaning the vehicle.
  59. The consumption of alcohol or narcotics is not permitted in any vehicle operated by the Company.
  60. Smoking is not permitted in any vehicle operated by the Company.
  61. RIGHT TO REFUSE TRANSFER – The Company reserve the right to refuse transport services to any passenger who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or who is behaving in an abusive or threatening manner towards the chauffeur or any SlopeStyle Transfers staff or other passengers. The Company reserve the right to terminate transport services immediately should this situation arise. No refunds will be given in part or whole in these circumstances and the Company has no responsibility to assist in making alternative arrangements. This right is delegated to all members of SlopeStyle Transfers staff.
  62. Any passenger who soils a vehicle operated by the Company, in any way, either as a result of alcohol or drug consumption or other reason, shall be responsible for an immediate charge of EUROS 250€ to cover the cost of cleaning the vehicle. This must be paid directly to the chauffeur at the time of the incident. In cases where this charge cannot be paid or payment is refused all future reservations with the Company will be cancelled and no refund will be given to the client. 
  63. With the exception of guide dogs, no animals are permitted in any vehicle operated by the Company.
  64. Any damage caused to a vehicle, either internal or external, must be paid for, in full, by the client at the time of the incident or if they refuse, all future reservations with the Company will be cancelled and no refund will be given to the client. 
  65. SERVICE FAILURE – The Company will endeavour to ensure that all vehicles booked are present and on time for the scheduled client pick-up and that all journeys reach their destination within a reasonable time of the scheduled arrival.  The Company will not accept any liability in the event of delays or consequential costs incurred by the client due to circumstances out of the control for the Company. Such circumstance may include, but are not limited to, the following examples:
    – Severe weather conditions causing traffic delays
    – Vehicle breakdowns
    – Road traffic density/traffic jam causing delays
    – Any circumstance affecting the clients or chauffeurs safety.
    – Any road traffic accidents causing delays
    – Any road closure or restricted access of the intended route
    – Deaths or accidents causing injury on the roads
    – Unforeseen issues of/caused by the passengers
    – Action by a third party that damages vehicles
    – Industrial action
    – Civil unrest
    – Demonstrations
    – Actions of the police, customs officers or any other government officer that results in delay
    – Force Majeure (eg: war, natural disaster, act of god etc.)
    – Any incidents outside the control of the Company
  66. If you encounter any problems with your transfer, please contact SlopeStyle Transfers as soon as possible to allow us to investigate the issue. Details should be sent in writing to info@slopestyletransfers.com
  67. LEGAL – These terms and conditions are subject to French law.  All information provided during the booking process, including contact details, or information supplied to the Company by the client during the booking process will remain confidential and will not be shared with any companies or organisations – other than for the purpose of completing a transfer.
  68. Any dispute between a client or third party and the Company that is not resolved by an agreement acceptable to both parties shall be referred to an intermediary. If this is not successful then the matter shall be dealt with through process of the French legal system.
  69. The Company may update the website and these Terms and Conditions without notice. Any errors on the Company website will be corrected as soon as possible, but the Company reserves the right to cancel and refund any bookings made on the basis of an incorrect price.
  70. The Company reserve the right to apply fuel surcharges to any journey booked by a client to reflect unforeseen rises in the local cost of fuel.
  71. GENERAL INFORMATION-All prices are inclusive of French TVA (Value Added Tax). Prices include fuel and vehicle fees, remuneration of the chauffeur and legal liability insurance for all passengers.
  72. We accept no responsibility for valuables left in our vehicles.
  73. En route requests to stop for shopping or other non-essential items are normally not possible unless pre arranged at the time of booking.
  74. We will not be liable for any charges if the client has missed flights due to unforeseen circumstances.
  75. All passengers luggage must be clearly labelled with the name of owner and destination address, if this information is not provided we cannot assure mislaid baggage can be delivered to the desired location. We DO NOT accept any responsibility for lost or damaged baggage that has not be loaded onto the vehicle by our employees.
  76. Note ski and board bags may be carried on the exterior of the vehicle.
  77. French law governs these terms and conditions.
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