How to Book

How to Book a Transfer

  1. Use the Request Quote form below to get a quote for your prestige transfer, there are no hidden fees. Parking and road tolls are included.
  2. Complete the transfer information form. Ensure you complete all the field entry sections. Make sure you provide the necessary information concerning your travel itinerary and accommodation address details.
  3. Make sure you indicate the number of children travelling. If you select 1 or more children there will be additional tick boxes for you to choose relating to child seat(s) type you require. Please also include how many child seats you require. If you have any queries or additional information regarding child seat requirements etc. Please enter this the details in the ‘additional information’ section or request further assistance by sending us an email or by telephone call.  We are governed by French law concerning carriage of children and therefore require you to identify how many children will travel and which child seat type they will require; we also suggest you provide height and age of children travelling to help select the best seat for the child. If child seats have not been selected for your booking, under French Law, we are not allowed to and will not be able to accommodate children under the age of 10 years or less than 135cm if they are not sitting in the correct child seat type.
  4. Once you have completed the form, our system will generate a “quote request notification” and send you a confirmation of that quote request by email. Your request will be received by our booking system and we will then reply by email with the summary of your request, the price and provide a link for your to make a secure payment for the transfer booking by clicking on the word “ACCEPT”.
  5. Once you make the secure on-line payment, you will receive a confirmation of payment and booking via email. 
  6. You are now booked for your prestige transfer. We will send a text message the day before you travel, reminding you of the pick up time and providing you with the driver’s mobile telephone number so that you may contact them if you have any concerns or you are delayed. (see our terms and conditions regarding delays)

If you have any further questions? Simply send us an email and we will reply back to you as soon as possible.